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DAK Bands 8 bands per set
By: deliberateactsofkindness.com
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Deliberate Acts of Kindness

dakbands are a fun, thoughtful way to encourage and honor acts of kindness in our communities and around the world. We believe that kindness changes everything. If we can change people’s focus by fostering other centeredness, we will indeed build safer, more inclusive, compassionate communities. We want everyone to Live Kindly and Band Together because the alternative is no alternative.

Think of dakbands as an ongoing game of tag. Those doing kindness are caught in the act, tagged, and now they’re “it” – on the lookout for acts of kindness that they can acknowledge with dakbands. Children and adolescents immediately get the concept and are eager to participate.

1. Individuals are given (or purchase for $5.00) a package of 8 dakbands (4 pairs).

2. If you have purchased (or been given) a package of dakbands, start by registering the bands. Once registered begin wearing them (at least one pair) on your right wrist. Begin looking for acts of kindness.

3. When you witness an act of kindness, acknowledge it by giving the person a pair of dakbands, meant to be worn on their left wrist.

Here’s how it could play out:
“Excuse me, I just saw you doing something really kind. We’re acknowledging kindness by handing out dakbands. May I offer you these 2 dakbands to wear on your left wrist? It’s sort of like tag, so now you’re ‘it’. Now, if you see someone doing something kind, you can acknowledge them by passing along one of your dakbands. Thanks.”

4. Passing Bands:
The “tag” continues, as you give away all 4 pairs of your original set, and the 4 people you gave them to give one of their bands to four other people!

5. In community we will all be able to recognize and be on the look out for individuals wearing dakbands. Those wearing them on their right wrist are on the look out for kind acts, those wearing them on their left wrist have been acknowledged for their kindness (AND looking to catch someone else doing something kind!).

For more info visit: deliberateactsofkindness.com

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